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Born January 22nd, 1966, in San Jose, CA, (sound animator) Daniel Todd Carter is a professional Multimedia-Instrumentalist Composer of a very individual quality Atmospheric / Electronic / Ethnic / Tribal contemporary instrumental unique otherworldly music and in the past has worked with members of GENESIS / GONG and The Soft Machine. He firmly believes in himself as a beacon and his music is a direct reflection of God. A true lighthouse in the storm of the night, to help people better understand themselves through his art and music. His goals are to constantly move forward and extend his musical search beyond existing stagnant musical forms. A true progressive musician in every sense of the word. His debut solo CD entitled Awakening, which was the first in a series debut trilogy was released in January 2003 on his new independent Visionaryquest music label. His second follow up solo CD entitled Unidentifiable Realms was released in December 2005, also on his Visionaryquest music label.
1970 :: First became exposed to Science Fiction, which was to have a profound influence on his life all the way up to the present day.
1976 :: First discovered his artistic talents, (drawing / painting) while in grade school in Stamford, CT.
1980 :: Became a musician for the very first time by beginning to play the Drums. First lessons locally with very first teacher in Stamford, CT.
1981 :: Witnessed his very first real rock concert. He went to go see Rush and was introduced to Neil Peart, who is the reason why to this day Daniel has continued to play Drums. Neil had a huge impact on him that forever changed his life as a musician.
1983 :: Studied Drumming under the world renowned tutelage of all time studio great Gary Chester, who is credited as the very first Drummer to ever use headphones in a recording studio. Gary was the greatest teacher he ever knew personally and was another individual who had a huge profound impact on his playing and his life.
1984 :: Graduated from Stamford High School in Stamford, CT. in June of that year.
1985 :: Co-founded and performed in very first amateur band directly after leaving High School.
1986 :: Graduated from The Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, Ohio. Became a multi-instrumentalist for the very first time by purchasing his very first two synthesizers. Also began working on the very humbled beginnings of his solo project Revelation by beginning to write down outlines and ideas / plans for the very first time. This project has now become his life long endeavor to this day.
1987 :: Performed very first gig ever at the age of 21, at a private party in Norwalk, CT in front of about 50 people playing cover material in another local amateur band.
1988 :: Setup very first tiny bedroom 6 track cassette recording studio at home in Stamford, CT.
1990 :: Studied further lessons with another world renowned Drum guru Kenwood Dennard in New York City, NY.
1991 :: Began attending The Connecticut Institute of Art in Greenwich, CT studying commercial and fine art.
1992 :: Professional career as a musician begins. Performed / toured and recorded in very first professional band Lord Have Mercy. Embarked on very first real tour of New England performing 45 shows.
1993 :: Met / jammed / recorded and performed live for the very first time with The legendary Daevid (Alien) Allen in New York City, NY. Daevid was the founding father of both The Soft Machine and GONG.
1994 :: Graduated from The Connecticut Institute of Art, in Greenwich, CT.
1995 :: Records very first professional international (Genesis tribute) release in New York City, NY, in July and then it was later released by Magna Carta in October worldwide, with Jay Tausig and Grammy award winning producer David Hentschel, entitled Supper's Ready. Recording also begins on debut solo CD Awakening and the official birth of solo career and project Revelation.
1996 :: Introduced for the very first time and toured nationally, (as senior Drum tech) through out the United States with legendary groups GONG and Brand X.
1997 :: Records the definitive official King Crimson tribute CD at Skyline Studios in New York City, NY, with Solid Space. The CD was released on the Purple Pyramid / Cleopatra label internationally worldwide and featured Daniel on both Drums and the Mellotron.
1998 :: Records second Genesis tribute CD with his former group Solid Space. This CD featured Daevid Allen of Gong, and is his 3rd and final tribute recording entitled The Fox Lies Down. This CD was later released the same year internationally on the Cleopatra / Purple Pyramid label. Moved out of his longtime home in Stamford, CT (eastcoast), for the very first time, and relocated to the (westcoast), Nevada City, CA. Significantly upgrades personal recording studio.
1999 :: Relocates again from Northern California, (Nevada City), to Southern Arizona, (Tucson). Traveled to the San Francisco bay area to work as Senior Drum Technician for the most prestigious Progressive Art Rock festival in the world, Progfest 99. At The Palace of Fine Arts. Commissioned to compose two original compositions for a local Tucson, AZ based rock opera, entitled Twitch. Relocates yet once again from Tucson, AZ back to Northern California, and moves to a suburb of Sacramento, CA.
2000 :: Completes rough unedited outline for his very first short story that will accompany his third CD in his debut series trilogy, entitled, The story of the fabled red people. Performs his second live solo (sound animator) performance in Nevada City, CA, which was very well received. Relocates yet once again from Carmicheal, CA, (a suburb of Sacramento), (westcoast), back home to Stamford, CT, (eastcoast) to re-focus his life.
2001 :: Establishes domain name for the very first time. becomes a reality.
2002 :: After many set backs and incredibly frustrating delays, the website that was originally designed for Daniel's domain was removed and torn down. A whole new website was designed by Daniel and re-posted on June 19th, of that year. So now, is totally refaced and officially relaunced under a whole new banner. The website you are viewing now is that newer site.
2003 :: Officially releases his very first solo CD Awakening on his newly established independent Visionaryquest music label. A huge monumental time in Daniel's solo career. This established a brand new beginning. Once again, moves out of his parents home and relocates locally to an apartment in Norwalk, CT with his new girlfriend. And yet once again, packs up all of his belongings and relocates for the 6th time nationally, though this time with his girlfriend from (eastcoast), Norwalk, CT, to (westcoast), Auburn, CA. Daniel and his girlfriend Judith, were married in Reno, NV, on October, 28th. Congratulations to the newlyweds.
2004 :: Once again both Daniel and his wife Judith pack up all of their belongings and relocated from northern CA, (Auburn), to central AZ, (Phoenix), to begin a new life. This was the 7th national relocation for Daniel.
2005 :: Officially releases his second follow-up disc in his series debut Awakening trilogy entitled Unidentifiable Realms, (The mysterious life giving force), also on his newly established independent Visionaryquest music label. This is yet another monumental achievement for Daniel as he is now finally after years of struggling two thirds of his way through to finally getting his debut trilogy out into the world as official public releases. His third and final release in his debut Awakening series trilogy entitled Fireflowers is set to released in mid to late 2006.


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