These (dozen) 12 Drummers that I have listed here below are all wonderful world class Drummers as everyone already knows. Though I listen to many, many great Drummers, (to many here to actually list), these 12 Drummers are my desert island Drummers. Everyone here listed below has not only totally changed the face of the instrument, but has also completely changed the way I play and hear Drums and Drumming itself to this very day. Every single one of these Drummers is a pioneer in one sense or another, and what they have individually contributed to the Drums and the Drumming community will always and forever change and look at the way we see and hear Drums and Drumming.
Visionary drummer & pioneer BILL BRUFORD
The greatest hard rock drummer of all time, JOHN BONHAM
Progressive Rock pioneer TERRY BOZZIO Terry Bozzio
There's VINNIE COLAIUTA, then there is everybody else.
Another monster drummer and great singer/songwriter, PHIL COLLINS
Pioneering Jazz master JACK DE JOHNETTE Jack De Johnette
Master world beat, ethnic drummer/percussionist TRILOK GURTU
My former teacher and the very first individual to use headphones in a recording studio, GARY CHESTER
Legendary progressive rock pioneer CARL PALMER Carl Palmer
Rocks most modern drummer, and the very first reason why I began to play all those years ago, NEIL PEART
Another visionary drumming pioneer, MICHAEL SHRIEVE
These 5 Synthesists have also completely changed the way I see and hear and compose music. All of these artists are also pioneers in their genre. Listening to each one of these individuals music will reveal a completely original approach and voice that completely sounds like no other.
Founding father of Tangerine Dream - EDGAR FROESE
The soundworlds of STEVE ROACH
Synthesizer pioneer KLAUS SCHULZE Klaus Schulze
Academy award-winning composer VANGELIS Vangelis
Ambient/Electronic multi-instrumentalist - KIT WATKINS
These 4 Guitarists are not only incredible Guitarists, but they are also totally unique sounding as well. There are no other Guitarists on the planet right now that sound anything remotely like these 4 individuals.
Former Genesis guitarist, STEVE HACKETT Steve Hackett
Progressive rock/jazz/fusion pioneer and guitarist virtuoso, ALLAN HOLDSWORTH
Monster ethnic guitarist of world fusion - STEVE TIBBETTS
Experimental Avant-Garde Progressive Rock / Jazz Fusion innovator, DAVID TORN
These 5 bands have again literally and completely changed the way I hear and perceive music. All 5 of these bands are Pioneers as well.
One of the most venerable Progressive Rock bands of all time, KING CRIMSON
Ethnic/Psychedelic/Progressive/Spacerock band OZRIC TENTACLES Ozric Tentacles
RUSH...need I say more?
Classic rock legends Pink Floyd
These 2 individuals are also very important Pioneers in the world of Progressive Rock as the lead singers of two of its most important bands. What these 2 individuals have brought to modern music is often imitated but never have they ever been successfully duplicated. Totally original and unique.
JON ANDERSON'S Olias of Sunhillow was the very first ever Ambient / Space music recording I ever heard, when I was 14 years old. Even before I became an Electronic music artist myself. This recording had then, and still has today a profound impact on my music making process.
The one and only PETER GABRIEL Peter Gabriel
These 3 visual Artists are quite plainly and simply some of my favorite artists producing fantastic artwork in the world today.
Fantasy artist, architect and visionary ROGER DEAN
Visionary fantasy artist ROBERT VENOSA Robert Venosa
GILBERT WILLIAMS, a fantastic visionary artist who paints light in a very beautiful way.

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