Solo Works
Daniel Todd Carter's/REVELATION

Daniel Todd Carter
Visionaryquest Music VISCDRT-3 (2009)

Sci-Fi/Spacerock-(concept CD)

The third and final recording in his debut CD series trilogy is an all new adventure concept CD in every sense of the word. Bringing you back in time to the ancient Cydonian race, (the fabled red people), on the planet Mars many millions of years ago, where you will hear and imagine the Fireflower festival mass exodus from their longtime home. Artfully assembled and composed by drummer / multi-instrumentalist and project founder (sound animator) Daniel Todd Carter, this CD features some blistering musicianship ethereally blending with an original Sci-fi short story, which imaginatively takes you on yet another journey into the mind and into the past. With guest, returning once again, Jay Tausig (ex- Lunar sea/E-Motive). A CD of incredible proportions and possibilities for turn of the century progressive music. Fireflowers delightfully delivers what could have been in the past right at the beginning of a new millennium and a new future. An absolute must have for space head enthusiasts.

In addition to the CD, the cover art for FIREFLOWERS is also available in poster format.

Daniel Todd Carter's/REVELATION

Daniel Todd Carter
Visionaryquest Music VISCDrT-2 (December 2005)


The follow-up second release from SOUND ANIMATOR, who returns with an all new collection of truly experimental, improvisationally based recordings exploring new growing musical, spiritual dimensions and realms. From the opening drifts, subtle drone textures and ambiguous sound events lurking at the fringes of perception, the CD slowly reveals a cosmic soundscape of shape shifting emotions, dense subharmonic massings which ultimately descends into terra-incognita. Across the terrain of the unconscious to the borders of the unknown, down paths of thought haunted by ghostly memories to the gateway of the void and beyond. The duo of Daniel Todd Carter and Jay Tausig magically make the distant realms speak. Six movements, 72 minutes, and several million light years out from now. The second in a series trilogy.

In addition to the CD, the cover art for UNIDENTIFIABLE REALMS is also available in poster format.


Daniel Todd Carter's/REVELATION

Daniel Todd Carter
Visionaryquest Music VISCDRT-1 (January 2003)


The very first debut solo CD from the drummer, multi-instrumentalist, composer who has worked with members of GENESIS, GONG and The Soft Machine. Fusing delicate solo ethereal-ambient synthi-space music in the mindset of early Popul Vuh, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, and then blending it with a modern visionary and diabolical Magma / Genesis inspired trio of drums, bass, guitars, synthesizers and keyboards which carries you on an inspiring journey through your imaginations. With special guests Jay Tausig (ex-Lunar sea / E-Motive), and Paul Nelson (ex-Liege Lord), this is a provocative new contribution to the ever growing progressive movement. Awakening delivers potent soundscapes with the forward thinking musical traditions influencing current and future directions in modern music. The first in a debut series trilogy. 

In addition to the CD the cover art for REVELATION / AWAKENING is also available in poster format.

Collabrative Works

The Fox Lies Down
Another tribute To Genesis
Purple Pyramid CLP0287

Progressive Rock

Solid Space featuring Daevid Allen of Gong. With Daniel on drums covering "Visions of Angels".

Schizoid Dimension
A tribute to King Crimson
Cleopatra / Purple Pyramid CLP0123-2

The definitive King Crimson Tribute CD.

Progressive Rock

"Solid Space did an excellent, faithful and original rendition of 'In The Wake of Poseidon'", in which Daniel performed on drums and Mellotron. 

Michael C. Mahan / Interface Magazine.

Supper's Ready
A tribute To Genesis
Magna Carta MA-9004-2

Progressive Rock

Daniel performed drums on the track Undertow. 

"Ranks up there with the YES Tribute. A must for the band's die hards. There's not a bad perfomance in the bunch!"
John Collinge / Progression Magazine.



Original release - Possession / Hemp For Life 1992 (cassette only)
Daniel Todd Carter
Re-released by Visionaryquest Music VISCDr-1 (December 2005)

Reggae / Thrash / Rock

6 Song EP. Limited Edition CD-r available



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