Daniel standing in the old Fort El Morro in San Juan, Puerto Rico on holiday, ca. December 1997. Daniel standing in the Joshua Tree National park, CA, May 1999, on a spiritual quest.
Daniel standing on the south rim
of the Grand Canyon, AZ.
ca. fall 1999.
Daniel relaxing on the south rim
of the Grand Canyon,
ca. fall 1999.
Daniel standing in Stove Pipe Wells
@ Death Valley National Park, CA.
ca. September 2000.
(Where he is standing it can reach temperatures of 138 degrees F,
in the midday summer sun;
One of the hottest places on earth!)
Daniel standing at the foot of Mount Lassen volcano in Northern CA. ca. September 2000.
Daniel crouching in Muir Woods National Park, CA, ca. February 2000 Daniel in ancient tufa formations Mono Lake, CA, ca. Summer 2003


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