Daniel behind his kit at a gig in Westport, CT, with one of his old groups Homebrood, ca. 1994. Daniel in Sunkenmine Recording Studio in Carmel, NY. during the recording sessions for his 2nd CD "Unidentifiable Realms" vol-1, playing the Mellotron M-400, ca. 1996.
Collection of 5 photos taken during Daniel's very first professional photo shoot, ca. October 2002.
Daniel first learning to play the Didjeridoo in Nevada City, CA. at 32 years of age, ca. 1998.
Here is a shot of Daniel's kit from behind (the drummer's perspective) on loan during the Gong tour at the Phantasy Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio ca. October 1996. Here is a shot of Daniel's very briefly lived studio in Penn Valley, CA ca. fall 1998.
Daniel in his studio in Tucson, AZ. taking a break during the recording of Twitch, ca. summer 1999. Daniel takes another break, though this time it's in his Sacramento, CA. studio in the fall of 1999.
Here is a shot of Daniel while performing @ the Paris Cafe in
downtown Sacramento, CA. during his very first official live show
ca. March 2000.


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